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The DiaSecure® system is simple, safe and durable

The system is used for managing your daily insulin and medicine pill needs when leaving your home, hotel room, etc, without risking to forget the hypodermic needles, taking care of the used hypodermic needles, safeguarding the right amount of needles and pills are with you and making sure the used needles does not come into the wrong hands.

DiaSecure® has secure, separate compartments for new and used hypodermic needles, tablets/pills as well as your insulin pen - all in one discreet unit.

The DiaSecure® can also help you to see how many shots of insulin you have administrated during the day.

DiaSecure® simplifies, increases the flexibility for diabetics – parents, children & pet owners – by safeguarding that new hypodermic needles and medicine pills are always brought, for the proper amount of times you have to take insulin out of your home, independent of whether it is for a shorter while or for several days/weeks.

DiaSecure® also increases the security and protects the environment by secure containment of the used needles, eliminating health risks, such as blood contamination, to mention one important area.

Most insulin pens fits to DiaSecure®, which is of safe, foodgraded, plastic, also machine washable.   

[Insulin pen, syringes and pills are not included.]


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65mm x 165mmBlue